External Painting and Permanent Wall Coatings

Protect and transform the appearance of your home

Across town and country, thousands of properties are beautifully waterproofed against the damaging effects of sun, acid, rain, frost and snow.

Legacy Roofing & Guttering Specialists is an approved contractor of Andura Coating, our expert team are fully qualified to carry out a professional external painting and permanent wall coating.

"Classic 21" Wall Coating

Andura "Classic 21" is a textured massonry treatment that protects and beautifies the external walls of your home. Applied by specialists the installation eliminates the need for frequent re-painting.

The "Classic 21" Wallcoating System provides a high build, oil based, polyester resin coating; specifically formulated to provide excellent water resistance, outstanding durability, low maintenance and long life. "Classic 21" is available in course texture or fine texture in sixteen standard colours. Special colour matching is also a service offered.

  • "Classic 21" is many times thicker than conventional paint and its unique textured finish helps conceal surface imperfections, repair or restoration work to ensure uniform results of lasting beauty.
  • The system resists rain penetration whilst still allowing the walls of the home to breathe, reducing problems traditionallyassociated with water such as cracking, spalling and delamination.
  • "Classic 21" is manufactured in 12 beautiful architectural colours by Andura Coatings, the UK's largest specialist Textured Coating manufacturer.


  • Excellent durability
  • BBA Approved
  • Mould resistant
  • High colour stability
  • Weatherproof and breathable
  • Resists acid rain and pollution attack

"Trowel & Roller" Wall Coating

"Trowel & Roller" is a high performance, textured acrylic, protective and decorative coating for masonry surfaces. TMC is generally designed for Trowel and Roller application.

"Trowel & Roller" is available in fine texture in sixteen standard colours. Special colour matching is also a service offered.


  • Excellent durability
  • Attractive textured appearance capable of concealing surface blemishes
  • Breathable
  • Excellent barrier to atmospheric carbon dioxide, water and chlorides

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